Patrick Hadley
I met Patrick in 1989. He is a dear friend. People refer to him as a renaissance man, and I heartily agree. He raised 2 amazing sons, mostly on his own, is an accomplished builder/creator, and, in partnership with Bill Wesley, is the creator of the Array Mbira, a modern version of an ancient African instrument. Patrick and I have worked together in house construction and we were housemates. Patrick has been a continuous inspiration to me for everything from the home he creates, parties he throws, connections he makes, prosperity he cultivates…..he’s just a super awesome person….and I love him for all he is!

Vickie Riggs, GG, GJ, APPA

Vickie is my step-mom! She and my Dad have been married for 20+ years and are so in love with each other…they glow!!!! When you meet her, ask her to tell the story of how they met!!!!! She is a Gemological Institute of America schooled certified gemologist, jewelry designer, and totally fabulous person. She has VERY high integrity! Check out her website! She can make you totally custom jewelry.