Currently living in San Diego, California, artist, Stove spent 20 years developing his skills in the house construction trades; working with tools and materials. In 2005 Stove became a full-time artist.

“I have an intuitive gift for physics and engineering. I borrow heavily from nature for my inspiration. I allow the materials to teach me how they want to be formed.”

“I have a machine that takes the extremely concentrated energy from the sun and focuses it in one tiny spot to melt and fuse steel together. I have another machine that generates a focused beam of 40,000 degree plasma that vaporizes metal and allows me to shape it as I wish. I sense energy….how it flows, where it goes, where it came from, is it balanced, how resistant or compliant, soothing or painful, slippery or grinding, hard or soft, warm or cold, light or dark, vibrating fast or slow, harmonious with this or that, adequate or in-adequate, expansive or contracting, empty or full, approaching or retreating…know what I mean? I actually don’t create the art…..the art is created through me. And I am not actually an artist…I am art…and so are you! Sometimes it is so easy, it is like falling off a log…and other times it is so hard that it is absolutely excruciating. I feel the steel rusting. I sense the incomprehensible mass of the spinning planet. Everything is the same, only the form changes…in this time…in this space.”